A February Weekend

A February weekend often means snow or very low temperatures but I’m sitting typing this looking out of a garden bathed in sunshine and with the window open. How I’d love for us to have a spring like last year where March was warm enough to sit out in the garden. Even though restrictions of movement will still be in place, and indoor meetings remain something for the future , the thought of being able to have my family visit for lunch in the garden ,or coffee with a friend, is something to which I greatly look forward.

The big clear out goes on. It’s very cathartic. My plans for the forthcoming week include a clear out of drawers in my dressing room. The latest free-to-collector advertisment I placed on our local site was a pile of magazines. Just like everything else (four lots to date), they were snapped up in no time. The decorating also continues and it will soon be time to start on the garden tidy-up. Got to keep Husband occupied somehow!

The Japoise cakes mentioned in an earlier post never did get made. When I looked more closely at the recipe it seemed that as I was not planning to sandwich them together with buttercream then I might just as well make almond macarons and, in the process, use a bit less sugar. On the subject of food I decided to try some vegi rashers called This isn’t bacon. It seems reasonable to assume, don’t you think, that the name suggests that it is intended as a bacon substitute. I checked out the reviews and they were pretty good. Never, ever again. Whilst edible (just about) they didn’t look like bacon, smell like bacon or remotely taste like bacon. And the aftertaste – yuk! I swear I could still taste it when I woke up the following morning. Only after I had a late breakfast of toast and peanut butter did I rid myself of it! Yesterday I made a cherry and almond cheesecake, the first dessert in quite a while.I love making a nice pud but the temptation to eat it is just too great!

Grant, Ronald and Clare

I was sad to read that actor Ronald Pickup has died. A hugely successful career involving decades of  films and TV productions including  The Best Marigold HotelDownton Abbey, The Crown (in which he played the Archbishop of Canterbury) and one of the funniest TV comedies I’ve ever seen – The Worst Week of My Life,  has come to an end at the age of eighty. The photograph shows my brother alongside Ron and Clare Bloom when they filmed the marvellous Summer of Rockets shown on TV in 2019.

Have a good week.


  1. I had a period of eating “fake” vegetarian foods. Yuk!! And I didn’t feel good after eating them either. Linda McCartneys vegetarian sausages being a big exception. – yummy.


  2. It’s been wonderful to have the recent sunshine and dog walking has become much more pleasurable. I love anything with an almond favour so your cheesecake sounds very inviting! That’s a fabulous photo of your brother with Ronald Pickup and Clare Bloom. I loved ‘Summer Of Rockets’ and I’m a fan of nearly everything written by Stephen Poliakoff. I know not everyone shares my taste!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am also a fan of Stephen Poliakoff and agree – not to everyone’s taste. Do you remember his ‘Dancing on the Edge’. I thought it was one of the best things on TV in years.


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