Lights of My Life

Ever since I moved into my own home there has been one aspect of décor which has flummoxed me. Over the years I trailed around shops, browsed through brochures and endlessly trawled the internet.  I’ve tried specialist sellers with vast arrays of goods on offer but rarely have I been 100% happy with the resulting buys. The bane of my home-making life is lighting. For the past two years  or more I’ve been looking for lighting to replace some old M&S lamps to which the longing for 100% happy came very close. They were bought on the spur of the moment in a sale some 20 years ago. The bases are still in good condition and I’ve yet to find any I like as much, but the lampshades have long had their day. What I particularly like is that because the shades are not very deep the lamp can sit well back on a surface and it’s this aspect which is causing me the headache because I can’t find any shallow shades except those which are an elongated oval shape and I don’t like them! Not only have I looked in large specialist lighting shops, but multiples and chain stores and small independents, all to no avail.  I don’t get on a lot better with ceiling lighting either. I never find anything about which I think anything more enthusiastic that ‘that’s ok.’ One of the first things I do in someone else’s house is check out their lighting but, and no offence intended to anyone who knows me and is reading this….they don’t excite me much either. I don’t think I could even design something perfect – I just don’t like lights! How does everyone else choose lighting, I wonder?

snowdrops 2019Although it’s a wet and dismal day, the temperature has risen and there is the promise of warmer days to come. Yesterday afternoon was gloriously sunny and very spring-like. The snowdrops are just coming into their own  and the tulips are popping through the soil in abundance. Husband had his first vaccine four weeks ago and I had mine last week. For the first time in a long time, let’s hope that we can soon start looking forward. 



  1. The snowdrops are pretty! Glad to hear that you’ve received your first vaccines. I’m afraid you won’t be very excited if you were to see my lighting, either! But, I hope you find the kind of lampshades you are looking for. 🙂

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    • I love the delicacy of snowdrops. They only look that way though, as in fact they are really hardy and survive frost and snow. Nature is so clever. Thanks, I will keep looking!


  2. HowI smiled when I read your post today! I struggle to find lighting and lamps I like and ended up revamping some really old bases with paint and upcycling the shades. I have a daylight lamp in an old IKEA desk light that sits beside my chair all winter so that I can see to stitch. Very dreich here this week and my mojo has flown away.

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  3. I struggle with lighting as well. I’m not a fan of the glare from overhead lights, much preferring lamps, which I can position wherever I like.
    I imagine it must be a relief to have received the vaccine, and with spring is on the way we can look forward to brighter days ahead. X

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    • Likewise, we rarely use the centre lights, though useful for close work like sewing (or painting nails!), preferring several lamps. Yes, I will be relived to receive the second dose. And even more relieved when most people have had it!


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