Another Week

Roses GRoses from Brother who will soon recommence TV work as they start filming series 3 of The Bay. Morven Christie stars and he worked on another series of hers too – The marvellous A word.  I love to hear his stories from on set (not that I’d repeat them…sorry)! It’s been a lean year in respect of film work. 

I went to the shops yesterday. This is a very rare occurrence at present (once since Christmas). I needed a couple of  essentials but nowhere near enough to fill an online order – I am well stocked up on most items and have an order due on 25th February. I’ve found that wearing both a disposable mask and a face visor gives me the best feeling of protection. I also wore some old leather gloves which I cleaned thoroughly with anti-bac afterwards.  Do you, like me, wonder whether we will ever again feel totally comfortable in ditching our new precautions?  The horror and disbelief at the situation in which the world finds itself sometimes suddenly washes over me and hits anew. 

Loch LannickLatest reading: The Lock Lannick series by Hannah Ellis. Set on the Isle of Skye, I read the first three books a few weeks ago and have now just completed the next three. Book 7 is out at the end of this month. Hannah Ellis also wrote the Hope Cove series which I enjoyed too, but I think Loch Lannick is my preferred choice.  They are currently available on Kindle Unlimited. 

I’ve been interviewing at work this week for administrative staff to deal with the extra work that Brexit has brought us in various departments.  I should say here, that in all circumstances there are winners and losers – for many transport companies Brexit has created huge headaches (bad) but extra work and therefore income (good) and I’m grateful to be working in as secure a role as is reasonable to expect. It’s a sign of the times that one advertisement, run for just a few days, generated over a hundred applications, several from people who were hugely over-qualified for the work available. I understand why someone who is out of work would apply for anything and everything but from an employer’s point of view, there is little point in taking someone on at less than half their previous salary, and incurring the costs of training them, because we know that they will still be looking for work in their usual field and at their higher salary.  I’ve been involved in recruitment on and off for years and I should be used to seeing badly constructed CVs (spelling mistakes and missing information – for example, a particular IT package was described as essential in the advertisement so some reference to it needs to be evident on the CV).  My pet hate is when it is obvious which applicants have sent out a blanket CV to lots of employers rather than tailoring it to the specific job on offer – put some effort into it!  Whittled down to around a dozen for interview, it never ceases to amaze me that people who readily agree to it, then don’t turn up and don’t even bother to send notification. But, joy of joys, some great people were found, and in respect of one specific role a second interview took place the following day and an offer has already been made and accepted. Second interviews for the other roles will take place next week. 

The weekend will (surprise, surprise) be another quiet one. It’s very cold but predicted to get a little warmer in the next day or two at which point I may feel more inclined to go for a walk. I’m still in clearing out mode and have several drawers and cupboards throughout the house which need attention so, along with some writing and cooking, that will fill up the days until I return to work on Tuesday. I decided that rather than wait for a charity bag to arrive, given that some of them restrict the kinds of items they will take, I’d list the various bits and pieces on our town Facebook page as free to collector. I got an immediate response and the first lot was collected in less than an hour, the rest the following day. Success! We simply left the items on the doorstep at the appropriate time. 

Weekend baking plan: I came across a recipe for Japoise cakes (also known as Jap cakes) which looks interesting, though the sandwiching together of two halves with buttercream won’t happen; I hate the stuff!  They are almond based and similar to a macaron and I have all the main ingredients. I can improvise by using some stiff chocolate icing for decoration rather than real chocolate which I try not to have in the house. I’ll report back soon. 



  1. Hi Eloise I loved both The Bay and the A Word and look forward to series 3 of The Bay. I have recently been interviewing for a medical secretary after the previous lady retired. I can’t understand how people don’t read the job description and job specification and don’t get me started on interview prep and how little they know about the job they have applied for. I love your yellow roses. Yellow roses were a favourite of a friends mum who was always very dear to me and I have grown a yellow rose at every house I have lived in since she passed away.
    Take care.


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    • It’s lovely to grow a rose for a reason. I have quite a lot of roses in n my garden, some of them twenty years old. I once received a CV with 36 spelling and grammatical errors. It was so bad that I counted! The job was for an administrator with good written English skills! Then there was the one who listed among her duties ‘feeding the factory cat”. Lol.


  2. Lovely roses! I’m sure your brother is glad to be filming, again. I do curbside pickups and get deliveries for all my shopping, these days. Haven’t been inside a shop since last March! I haven’t heard of Japoise cake, but I do like macarons! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Eloise.


    • Thank you Bless. I have been in shops when I’ve absolutely needed to, but I could count on one hand the number of times in the past 12 months


  3. Hi Eloise
    Yes, I often wonder when I will stop dodging people as they walk towards me without a mask. Even though we have had our 1st vaccine we are still ultra careful and wear a mask at all times. After 3 weeks I’ll allow myself a trip to our little local shops that let only 2 people in at a time – we’d stopped going to these after Christmas. I’m also excited about going to the dentist and opticians in mid-March! It’s good to hear you are careful too.

    My daughter is dealing with Brexit at her workplace – funnily enough she’s almost enjoying the challenge, but the bureaucracy is huge. Did people realise what leaving the single market meant????

    We live such a quiet life – and this weekend is no different!

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    • Oh so careful, Penny! I think we’d have been a lot better off re Brexit had the deal been agreed and managed in a proper and timely manner that allowed for training. But you’re right, the bureaucracy is huge, and often illogical.

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