No Reading, No Writing, No Baking

I was thinking of re-naming this blog Books & Bakes since that’s mostly what I write about! But not this weekend because I’ll be too busy to read or write or even think about the kitchen.

My husband can’t be the only one whose hearts sinks at those wifely words:  “I’ve been thinking….”. Of course he’s long known that the subsequent words will include at the very least a paintbrush, possibly wallpaper and quite likely a day’s worth of furniture shifting. The trick is to deliver them in such a way that he actually ends up looking forward to the end result, thus making the intervening pain worthwhile.

CDsWe’ve been ‘having a clear out’ which means that Husband will shortly be reacquainting himself with the Council tip.  The car boot is full in readiness for a Monday morning visit, the top landing is full of bags and boxes for a second journey , the middle landing with various items for the charity shop (when it reopens) and the kitchen work tops with books to be boxed up and picked up on Tuesday by Hermes for Music Magpie. The ones they have said they don’t want, along with board games, some large picture frames and a CD storage unit are about to be offered on Facebook Marketplace free to collector. Around a hundred CDs are waiting to be scanned to go to Magpie too. Photographs have been removed from two dozen space consuming albums, sorted, labelled and are now stored in a single, albeit large, box. Every drawer and cupboard has been emptied and we’ve been ruthless. We are in agreement – these are books and cds that we will never again read or listen to and they just sit gathering dust. Our music was all downloaded years ago and is held on one small hard drive. Even then we actually listen more often on Alexa. We also have a number of LPs and singles which need to be dealt with. Maybe there will be a collector’s piece among them and we’ll strike gold!

Several shelves of card making bits and pieces (in the interests of accuracy that should read ‘lots and pieces’)  have dwindled to a couple of drawers full.  Why did I once, several years ago, buy 1,600 children’s decoupage card kits? Oh, I remember, I happened across them accidentally whilst on ebay, very poorly described and listed in the wrong section and bought them for £10.  They were cheaper than buying a couple of dozen at normal price. To be fair, I have used quite a few but now, having removed some for Granddaughter to make use of,  after a couple of texts to the right people, a local primary school and an after school club will be benefitting.

We use a double bedroom as an office and its also been a bit of a dumping ground for far too long. As someone who is essentially well-organised, the top floor of the house has long irritated me. It’s poorly planned (our fault) and the office is so full that it’s difficult to clean. The entire space can be much better used. Once all the sorting is done the room will be decorated which is very long overdue (last done when younger son moved out about 16 years ago) and then my plans will really take off!  I shall report back in due course.

When such a task commences there is a period of time when everything looks worse that it did before it started and we’ve got to that stage….just got to work through it!  Also what tends to occur at times like this is that a rearrangement in one room impacts on another, and rather than get rid of a bookcase which will have become surplus to requirements in the office, this will migrate down a floor to my dressing room where it will replace a small unit and wall shelving giving me more space for storing scarves, bags, make up, hair stuff etc. We have a very small porch/hallway which we intended repapering when the kitchen was done a couple of years ago but didn’t get around to; I may as well order the paper for that when I order the wallpaper for the other planned decorating! Altogether there’s quite a lot to do and we’ve spoken about late April as a deadline to have the whole project completed.

It’s been very cathartic getting rid of so much excess baggage but extremely hard work, and annoyingly, I’ve broken three nails in the process.  No pain, no gain!


  1. My goodness, you have been having a clear out, Eloise. I’ve not downloaded any music, I wouldn’t know where to start, but I love having my CDs and even our old vinyl LPs, so be careful before you chuck everything out that you really do want to chuck them out. I am sorry I got rid of all my 1960s EPs, but I kept the LPs and now am really glad and play them occasionally – classic and also modern (such as dear old James Last and his Orchestra, Neil Diamond, Elvis – of course Elvis! – and others of that time) but mainly classical. I thought our CDs would see the end of vinyl, but we kept them anyway, and now I’m glad we did.
    As for books, yes a lot of paperbacks will have to do once the charity shops open. I don’t have a lot of clothes to chuck out as I buy few clothes as we don’t need many as we don’t go on holiday to hot countries, or in fact venture much further than home these days, even without lockdown, and we only have one wardrobe for the two of us for all our clothes, winter and summer. But I do need to weed files and clean the study, this is always last on the list!
    Margaret P

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    • We no longer have anything to play LPs on so they are next on the list. we don’t have many as they were replaced with CD versions. The last big concert we saw was Neil Diamond (wonderful) and afterwards I said ‘no more’ as I can’t cope with such large gatherings of people any more. I love his ’12 Songs’ album and play it often. I’m not good at getting rid of clothes. I have a lot but don’t buy much nowadays. Most of what I have is years old, though not necessarily worn very often.


  2. Snap! We too have been decluttering and most of it have gone from the local FB page. I realised at the start of the pandemic that I had no storage space left in any room in the house and there are two of us living in a family home. 15kg of fabric have gone, yarn, christmas stuff etc etc. We painted the craft room last week after a huge declutter to make room for the incoming treadmill. I’ve made cards, goodie bags for fellow crafters-anything to cut down the amount of stash I have. Hopefully it will soon be time to get out and tidy the garden. Just wish I could get into the garage and tidy it-DH’s idea is to move around the stuff but not much seems to actually leave the building. Stay safe.

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    • I think we will finish this project just at the right time to start on the garden! It’s a decluttering kind of atmosphere at the moment. We all want to clear out heads of covid but can’t so clearing the house is the next best thing


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