Kitchen Talk

Feeling anxious about various family things, I didn’t sleep very well on Friday night, and on Saturday morning decided that time spent in the kitchen would be the best antidote. It was very productive. I made some things for this week and some for the freezer: 

Cheese potato pieCheese & potato pie

Chilli with minced beef to serve with rice (one portion for Husband, one for Brother and two for the freezer). 

Spicy bean chilli baked potato filling for Brother. I also put a portion of the bean chilli in the freezer.


Chestnut pie

Chestnut, parsnip & onion pies x3 individual. Love this combination but not sure that Husband will be interested! I used a little gadget I bought for the lattice topping. It’s not very good because it needs pressing hard to cut through the pastry but if it’s pressed too hard it springs apart. 


Woolton pieWoolton pie  Initially known as Lord Woolton pie after the head of the Ministry of Food during WWII. It was created by chef Francis Latry of the Savoy Hotel  as a way to stretch food during rationing. Any vegetables can be used, cover with a little gravy and top with a pastry lid (mashed potato could be used). I used up all kinds of vegi bits and pieces from the fridge and freezer and will be trying it out for dinner this evening.

Cheese straws


Cheese straws with the left over pastry trimmings, wholegrain mustard and Applewood smoked cheese.  (They look rather like roasted parsnips in the photo, don’t they)? 


Lemon syrup cakes x2   and Dangerous fruit buns with apple and mixed fruit, so called because I love them and am tempted to eat too many, hence most are now in the freezer.

Date & nut ‘energy’ balls – ideal for Husband to take when he goes walking. These are sold commercially for around £1.50 each but mine cost around 50p each.  Pulse 250g of mixed nuts and 200g chopped dates. Mix with 250g mixed fruit and roll into balls. They are best kept in the fridge or they go a bit too sticky. I froze some too. 

Energy balls

And finally, Panna cotta to go with some cherries in Kirsch which were a Christmas present. 

Panna cotta



  1. What a brilliant cooking session! I’m seriously impressed with your output. When I was working, baking used to be my therapy but I still had the boys and their friends to eat my bakes. I didn’t get round to commenting on your four most recent book posts but I just wanted to thank you for your latest recommendations. I’ll add Ellie and the Harp Maker, Away with the Penguins, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox & the Horse and New Arrivals @ Hedgehog Hollow to my reading list!

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    • That will keep you going for a few days! I’ve always been an avid reader but never so much as in this past year. I start to feel unsettled if I haven’t got at least half a dozen books ready and waiting on Kindle! Yes, having someone to eat the bakes is a help. I took a cake to friend at work the other day as we simply can’t keep up with what I want to cook!

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  2. When anxiety/worry sets in – I find it impossible to let go of it. Having something nice to do like your beautiful cooking – good on you. They all look amazing. Many years ago, a friend who was “very good with money”, made me a pie for dinner, similar to the Lord Wooton’s one. It was delicious and I realised in that moment how I too could be “good with money”…….

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    • Yes Jean, productivity is very cathartic. If I am seen manically cleaning and clearing out then you can be sure that I am feeling VERY stressed!


  3. I have been having nightmares recently where I wake up drenched in perspiration. They are always about being with other people in confined areas and they have no masks on. I like all your makes and it’s the second Wooton Pie I’ve seen this week on a blog. I’m trying to use up some things that are lurking in the freezer this week to produce tasty meals and create some space. I’ve had some more decluttering time and managed to give it all away on our local FB page, and a computer chair to my SIL who’s working from home.Wet again today so it’s been an indoor day (again).

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    • Sorry to hear that your sleep is so disturbed. I often dream about being in houses (which I don’t recognise) and finding rooms that I didn’t know were there. When I go in I sense that they are full of evil and I wake up shaking. I saw Woolton pie on Sue’s blog where she is challenging herself to live on WWII rations – perhaps this is the one you saw too. De-clutterting is cathartic, isn’t it?


  4. Wow, you were really productive in the kitchen, weren’t you? I haven’t had any of the pies you’ve mentioned and what you call buns look more like what we’d call muffins here. It all looks and sounds very delicious. I do hope that whatever you were anxious about will turn out well and nothing to worry about after all. (((HUGS)))

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    • Yes we call buns muffins too. If they’re small, then they are fairy cakes. So long as they taste good…..! Thanks Bless


    • It took about 4 hours, Margaret. I don’t know about energy, but Cooking makes my foot hurt!! To explain, walking is ok but standing makes it ache.


      • Bonjour Eloise,

        I am new to your blog. I found it with Margaret’s one which I read regularly and enjoy very much. I am Hélène, a mother, grand-mother and an artist at my spare time. I like gardenning, cooking and reading mysteries and japanese poetry and now on I will also read your blog.

        And my foot also hurt when I am standing a long time in the kitchen.

        Have a nice day.

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      • Bonjour Helene, I have ‘seen’ you on Margaret’s blog. Thank you for joining me, and welcome. My blog is unstructured – it covers all sorts of subjects. We have much in common – I am a mother, grandmother and a different kind of artist – I write. I don’t like gardening but enjoy being in my garden very much so long as we have good weather. I love reading (a wide range) and poetry though my preference is for 19/20th Century English poetry. Sorry to hear that we also have a painful foot in common!


    • Thanks Jessica. Sometimes I just really want to cook. If asked to describe me in just one word, my husband would say ‘worrier’! I generally manage it quite well but it’s in those dark hours before dawn that I struggle.


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