A Wedding Reception ….or Not

Daughter’s wedding had been planned for 29th May. The couple, plus registrars and guests would have totalled 30, the maximum the venue could hold. It didn’t happen but we all understood why and accepted it.

Then it was announced that weddings could go ahead again, but with a maximum of thirty people. The wedding was rescheduled for 7th August. The size of the venue meant that the ‘thirty people’ allowance did not apply because, with social distancing numbers would be reduced. We understood and accepted this too.  We had thought that perhaps half that number could be there. Then the register office said that the maximum they would allow would be six….the couple, two registrars and two guests. That raised some questions: could that be extended to four guests given that they came from only two households? The answer was no. Ok, but how about the two guests plus my daughter’s partners small child?  Still the answer was no. The wedding was cancelled.  Maybe they’d get married on the beach in Florida when they went in September.

But Florida started to look more and more unlikely as cases of the virus increased there, so just in case, they began to phone around other register offices but found that they had temporarily suspended their lists as there was a backlog. And since then, Florida has been cancelled anyway.

A week or so went by. The register office rang; they had reconsidered and two guests plus a small child could attend.  The wedding was back on. The mums would act as witnesses. The weather forecast was checked (sunshine and cloudy mixed and a temperature of 22 degrees) so a ‘largely outdoor’  reception was booked. A teepee would be available and food would be provided in there, but as there would be lots of outdoor space, social distancing would be perfectly possible.  The other guests, now reduced to parents and siblings’ families only, would meet us there.  It was all looking good until… …

Boris announced earlier today that although the ceremony can still go ahead,  “Weddings receptions of up to 30 people will not be permitted. We simply cannot take the risk”.  And still we understand, and still we accept, but my heart hurts for my poor girl’s disappointment.   There is a small ray of hope … perhaps as this is an outdoor gathering and people are still allowed in pub gardens we may be fortunate. We’re waiting to hear.

Freesias from the garden




  1. I am so, so sorry Eloise – but I fear that, at the moment, any gathering brings a sense of anxiety with it. What about going ahead with the wedding, and then having a huge happy party next year when this is all over? So difficult. Big virtual hugs to you all.


  2. My workmate got married a week ago Friday. Under ten at the ceremony. Her people live in the next province. The plan is to have a celebration on their First Anniversary, rewear the dress and have the feast then.

    Our fingers are crossed for her. As she put it, she’s married and that’s what really matters in the end.

    Congratulate your daughter for me.

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  3. Oh, this is so upsetting for your daughter and her partner, and for all concerned. I hope all will go well in the end, sending virtual hugs (with masks and disposable gloves!) to the almost-happy pair!
    Margaret P


    • There is no definitive answer. It seems to me, however, that so long as we stay outdoors, we are no different to a random selection of people who happen to be in a pub garden. We’ll know for sure by tomorrow, I hope


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